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What is Your Relationship Like? (quiz)

Take this relationship quiz.

    Yes No
1 Do you find that your partner doesn’t want you to see other friends or participate in activities that do not include him/her?    
2 Does your partner criticize the way you dress, talk, or dance?    
3 Are there times when your partner’s teasing hurts your feelings?    
4 Does your partner make fun of your family or friends?    
5 Do you mutually decide what you do during your time together?    
6 Do you ever feel pressured to do something you do not approve of?    
7 Has your partner ever hit or threatened to hit you?    
8 Do you feel free to say “no” without having to explain your reasons?    
9 Does your partner help you to feel good about yourself?    

Did you answer YES to questions 5, 8 and 9? If you did, then it is more than likely that your relationship is good for you and your partner.

If you answered YES to any of the other questions, you could be in what we call an “unhealthy” dating situation.

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