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Confidentiality Agreement

Naomi’s Centre provides confidential, safe and secure services and resources.

Naomi’s Family Resource Centre’s policy on confidentiality is intended to provide an atmosphere of freedom without fear. Where all people can feel free to share or talk without the fear of anything beng passed on. Confidentiality is mandatory at Naomi’s Family Resource Centre because it helps to ensure the safety and privacy of all who are associated with the Centre, i.e. staff, volunteers, board members, women and children residents or former residents, women using the Transitional and Housing Support Program, women attending the Women’s Support Group or children attending any groups offered by the Centre.

Confidentiality means that none of the following will be revealed about the people listed above:

Names: First, last, date of birth, married
Origin: Where a person is from. Where you know the person from.
Association: A person’s connection to the Centre or to you if it has anything to do with the Centre. Home address or home number: No matter how you got it.
Situation or circumstance: Any information about a woman’s situation or reason for being at or associated with the Centre

PLEASE NOTE: When you encounter any staff, volunteer or board member of Naomi’s Family Resource Centre out in the community, they will not greet or approach you unless you do so first. This is to maintain your confidentiality as well as ours.

In providing service the need may arise for information to be shared with other agencies. A Release of Information form must be signed giving consent prior to doing so.

There Are Four Exceptions Where Consent Is Not Required:

  1. A Subpoena
  2. A Disclosure Of Alleged Child Abuse
  3. An Indication That You Are A Danger To Yourself Or To Others And
  4. Staff Have Reason To Fear For Your Safety.

However, Only The Information Necessary Will Be Disclosed.