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November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month

Naomi’s Family Resource Centre – News Release

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month.

Wrapped in Courage, Shine the Light and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence are some of the campaigns that Naomi’s Family Resource Centre will be participating in during this month.

For Immediate Release

Winchester, ON – October 28, 2016

Woman’s Abuse Prevention month takes place in November across the province. Naomi’s Family Resource Centre will be reaching out to members of the community to participate in campaigns, spread awareness, advocate for the prevention and working towards the elimination of woman abuse.

The campaigns that we will be taking part in include:

Wrapped in Courage – The Courage of a Woman is NOT Enough.

Now in its fourth year, shelters across the province are engaging the community to become more aware of the often overlooked issue of woman abuse in Ontario. The purple scarf symbolizes the courage it takes woman leave her abuser. However, the courage of the woman is not enough. It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women.

During the month of November, everyone across Ontario is invited to participate in showing abused women across the province that they have our support. We are asking Ontarians to wear our purple scarf especially on these days to show your courage to abused women and their children that their community supports them and they are not alone.

Why was the colour purple chosen for these campaigns?

According to the London Abused Women’s Centre, purple is a symbol of survival, honour and courage. The colour of bruises, purple has been transformed to symbolize the fight to end woman abuse.

Purple scarves can be purchased through Mainstreet Clothing located at 506 Main Street, Winchester, ON, Barkleys Shoes and Accessories located at 503 Main Street, Winchester, ON or by calling Naomi’s Family Resource Centre at 613-774-2838.


16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence –The United Nations has designated November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It is the first of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. December 10, International Human Rights Day, is the final day.

Through the 16 Days of Activism , Canadians are reminded that they can take action now to stop gender-based violence, as well as throughout the year. During this campaign, December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada in honour of the 14 women who were murdered at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1989. These women were targeted because of their gender.

How can you get involved?

Naomi’s encourages local businesses, schools and groups to take part in recognizing not only the locally supported campaigns, but awareness for the entire month of November and Woman Abuse Prevention.

According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, half of all Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of sexual or physical violence since the age of 16. Knowing the different types of abuse and how they manifest is important in identifying if you or a loved one has experienced abuse. Being informed about local services in place, like Naomi’s Centre, is also vital to keeping the members of the community safe.

On average 20-30 women a year are murdered in the province of Ontario alone. It is the number two reason for calls to the emergency police services. Additionally, it overwhelmingly affects children in the areas of: focus at school; relationships with peers and adults; increased risk of participating in high risk behaviours such as substance abuse; and increased risk of anxiety and depression.

For all media or business inquiries, please call Verna Léger, Executive Director or Shaunna at 613-774-2838.

Background: Naomi’s Family Resource Centre offers free 24 hour shelter and crisis services for women aged 16 and over, with or without children, who have been sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally, financially abused. Located in Winchester, the safe and secure Centre also provides an opportunity for children and youth to express their feelings and seek guidance with a Child and Youth Worker. The Centre also provides guidance and direction to other support groups and has been present in the community since 1987. Our toll free crisis line is 1-800-267-0395, or you can call 613-774-2838. We are located at 607 St. Lawrence St in Winchester, ON K0C 2K0 or you can visit us online at www.naomiscentre.ca.


The Shine the Light on Woman Abusecampaign is a registered trademarked public awareness campaign launched by the London Abused Women’s Centre in 2010. This campaign has international participation.

The Community Action Network Against Abuse S.D.G&A (CANAA), Victim Services of S.D.G. & A., Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of S.D.G. & A., Naomi’s Family Resource Centre, Maison Baldwin House and Maison Interlude House are all teaming up to participate in this campaign and we encourage your participation.

What are the goals of Shine the Light?

The month of November is Woman Abuse Prevention & Awareness month. Shine the Lightis a movement in which local businesses, schools, community buildings and places of residence decorate in purple, particularly with purple lighting.

According to statistics, half of all Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. Approximately every six days in Canada, a woman is killed by her intimate partner. More of these statistics can be found at http://www.canadianwomen.org/.

It’s time to end the cycle of violence.

Shine the Lightintends to:

  • Raise awareness on violence against women and the statistics involving Canadian women
  • Raise awareness of the different types of abuse and community services in place to help
  • Stand in solidarity with abused women and support in the understanding that there should be no shame or blame put on the victim but on the perpetrator
  • Raise awareness on the number of community organizations that can provide and advocate for abused women as they attempt to live a life free from violence
  • Work towards breaking the cycle of violence

Why was the colour purple chosen for these campaigns?

According to the London Abused Women’s Centre, purple is a symbol of survival, honour and courage. The colour of bruises, purple has been transformed to symbolize the fight to end woman abuse.



How can you get involved?

Depending on your location and community involvement, there are a number of different ways to get involved in November’s campaign. From putting up the poster included in this package, to getting creative and devising your own plan, there are many ways to show your support and help us paint the Counties purple.

Below is a list of activities that other communities have done, as well as ideas generated by our committee.

Local high schools can…

  • Put up posters for the campaign
  • Include an informational blurb in your monthly newsletter
  • Create a brief reminder announcement during the month of November to be read during morning announcements
  • Provide business cards, pamphlets and services contact information in student services
  • Promote wearing the colour purple as much as possible during the month of November.
  • Decorate hallways or classrooms with the colour purple
  • Designate a day to have an assembly or wear the colour purple. All students who are wearing the colour to show their support can be entered into a draw to win a prize. This assembly, or informative presentation, would aim to educate students on the different types of violence and how to reach out or volunteer for support. 2016 Wear Purple Day is Tuesday, November 15thMany Canadians are not aware of the different types of violence and several studies indicate that dating violence is a serious problem in Canada.

Local businesses can…

  • Purchase purple indoor and outdoor lights (purchasing information included in package)
  • Decorate your store/business purple using banners and artwork
  • Create a special purple drink
  • Host a purple themed event involving art or baking
  • Have a promotion on purple hair dye or host a purple hair dyeing event
  • Encourage staff to wear purpleOnline you can…


  • Start using the hashtag #ShinetheLight if you are supporting the campaign
  • Post photos and videos of your involvement
  • Share articles and posts about the month of activism and specific campaign events or successes
  • Feature the campaign on website calendars
  • Create event pages in relation to any event you’ve developed for the month


What the community can do…

  • City hall, township offices, local libraries and other community services can also decorate in the colour purple
  • Local landmarks can be illuminated in purple lights
  • Runs, walks and different events that draw members of the community can be organized



Where you can purchase purple campaign merchandise

Purple light bulbs for the Shine the Lightcampaign can be purchased by visiting Leon Sabourin at Cornwall Lighting and Home Decor Centre at 1140 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall, ON or you can contact him at 613-933-3131. In Dundas County, you can contact Naomi’s Family Resource Centre at 613-774-2838.



Have a bright idea? Let us know!

Please feel free to contact any one of our partner agencies or follow our campaign on social media and post/share your participation:

Facebook Page: Shine the Light SDGA

For Victim Services of S.D.G. & A. call 613-938-8900, 1-866-264-8900 (toll free) or email at info@vsv-sdga.ca. Visit: vsv-sdga.ca

For Naomi’s Family Resource Centre call 613-774-2838, 1-800-267-0395 or email info@naomiscentre.com. Visit: www.naomiscentre.ca

For Maison Baldwin House call 613-938-2958 or email mbh@baldwinhouse.ca. Visit: www.baldwinhouse.ca

For Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of S.D.G. &A. call 613-932-1755, 1-800-461-8192 or email director@sassforwomen.ca. Visit: sassforwomen.ca

For Maison Interlude House call 613-525-5338 or toll-free 1-800-461-1842, or email info@maisoninterludehouse.ca. Visit: www.maisoninterludehouse.ca

Community Action Network Against Abuse S.D.G&A (CANAA) Visit:www.canaa-racca.ca

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